The little wins.

It's past midnight, and the caffeine just have started to kick in. I still have tasks to tick off my to-do list, but I guess my brain refuses to work on them right now. Afterall, it is weekend and I think that this short break is well-deserved. Sometimes, it is okay to pause for a... Continue Reading →


The best birthday gift.

On the day after my birthday, I went to San Pablo City in Laguna to help my friend, Inah, in her advocacy. I remember telling her months ago that I have always wanted to join an outreach program outside school, but there's no opportunity. So when she messaged me a week before the event, I... Continue Reading →

All things quirky but nice.

What comes to my mind when I hear the words, "the common room"? These words remind me of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In all the seven books, "the common room" has been mentioned a lot of times. This is like a lounge where all the students who belong to the same house meet,... Continue Reading →

Late night drives.

Where do I begin? I find myself moving along this vast space, holding onto a grip of endless hopes and dreams. The rush of adrenaline runs through my veins, my heart beating fast as I race down these pavements at full speed. For a moment, I felt infinite. I wish you were here with me,... Continue Reading →

The crossroad.

But the light has dimmed until I can no longer see the things that helped me get up again. The spark isn't there anymore, and I am back to running in circles. If only I could write my own story... but my fate is not in my hands. The best thing that I could do... Continue Reading →

Chasing dreams.

On the first day of September, my childhood friends and I went to this magical place called "Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe". It was a spontaneous trip, and I was feeling a bit nervous on our way because going up to Tagaytay at past 8pm for me was risky. Since I wanted to see the... Continue Reading →


Sa isang lugar na hindi kalayuan, Aking pinagmasdan ang paglubog ng araw At ang pagdating ng buwan   Tila tumigil ang pagtakbo ng oras, Ang pag-ikot ng mundo At aking naisip na sana'y ikaw din ay nandito   Patuloy akong nananalangin At umaasang ito'y Kanyang diringgin Sa tamang panahong nakalaan para sa atin    ... Continue Reading →

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