In the field of music and literature, Coda is the concluding part of a literary work or a musical section that is distinct from the main structure (source: Merriam-Webster). In other words, it can stand on its own even if it is being taken away from the whole composition. However, for me, Coda means more than its definition from the dictionary. Coda is a song that is beyond perfection, and it always gives me goosebumps and butterflies (and so much feels) whenever I hear it, most especially when it is being performed live by my favorite Filipino band, Sponge Cola.

A month has passed but I still cannot get over that one night when Sponge Cola had a gig in Nuvali. I never imagined that I would see Yael, Gosh, Ted, and Armo again after seven months (the last time I saw them was June last year, when they were invited to play at DLSU’s Culminight). It was like a time-machine had brought me back to my high school days as they played some of their classics such as Bitiw, Gemini, Tuliro, and Jeepney as well as the new ones like Pag-Ibig and of course, Coda. It was a surreal moment, and I was in a deep state of euphoria.

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I hope to see you soon, Sponge Cola.


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