Wonderful Things.

There is something about brush lettering that makes my heart happy. It all started last year when calligraphy, brush pens, and sketch pads took the center stage. I have always loved colorful and cute things, and arts and crafts stores and even bazaars become instant heaven for me. My colored pens and brush pen collection gets bigger whenever I drop by my favorite arts and crafts stores and bazaars. And to top it all off, our school directress supported my love for writing materials. Imagine how kilig I was when she gave me a set of brush pens as pasalubong when she came back from United States.

My teacher friends and I find comfort in writing words and phrases using brush pens. We do simple brush lettering workshops among ourselves every Friday as a reward for surviving the whole week. We go to our favorite restaurants or coffee shops near our school and stay there for quite some time just to write. For us, brush lettering is like an escape from reality. It can make us feel that we are in a different universe. As of this writing, our “brush lettering family” in school is growing. Teacher Dianne and I are not the only ones who find interest in brush lettering anymore. Well, I guess this is an accomplishment. 😉

Love what you do, do what you love.




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