I love to eat! That is one fact about myself. I remember Auntie Sari telling me that when it comes to food, indulge. Well, not to the point of eating like the kid from Matilda. What she meant was, you’ve got to treat yourself with good food once in a while because you deserve it.

There is a new place in the south of Manila called, South StrEat. The unused truck containers have been transformed into food stalls. Each stall offers different menus and cuisines at such an affordable price. There’s a wide variety of food so you’ll leave the place with a happy tummy. From milkshakes to strange but good food… It’s all there! It is becoming more popular nowadays because a lot of people have been talking about it on social media.

Last Friday, my teacher friends and I decided to treat ourselves and we went to South StrEat. I even bumped into a good friend from grade school. Apparently, she owns one of the stalls, Plaza Taqueria. 😉 At South StrEat, we satisfied our cravings for nachos, burgers, fried dumplings, fried squid (a huge one!), sisig, juice, and milkshakes. It was supposed to be our after school merienda but it happily turned into a dinner too (we spent hours eating!). Here are some of the snapshots from our mini food adventure:



It made me realize that food definitely brings people together in some ways. Unlike the other activities, nothing brings people together like good food. It is so powerful that it makes the bond we built among our families and friends even stronger. Relationships become much better because of food, do you agree?

***South StrEat Gourmand Container Food Park is located along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road.***


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