A girl thing.

My friends do know that I am not a “make-up” person. I go to school, church, or mall wearing only powder and a little bit of blush on my face and some lip balm. However, when there are special events such as weddings, grand birthday celebrations, important meetings, and moving up day, I do my best to get dolled up to look more presentable. Since I have zero idea when it comes to putting on eye liners, eyebrow liners, and mascara, I ask some friends (especially Bee) to do it for me. 😉

Recently, I have been trying to practice putting on “make-up” in case there’s an “on-the-spot” or “short-notice” event and Bee is not around. I have started watching make-up tutorials on YouTube and sending Viber messages to Bee for some approval. I am still having a hard time putting on eye liners and eyebrow liners but with more practice, I think I will finally get the hang of it.

I am no expert when it comes to make-up, but I’d like to share with you some products that I use. Maybe, this post will help those who are beginning to embrace make-up too.


Let’s start with powder. On a regular school day, I only put the Lewis & Pearl powder on my face. I survive the whole day only with this. Hahaha! But when I want to look more presentable, I start with Pond’s BB+ Cream. I apply a pea size of it on my T-zone first then dab another small amount on both cheeks and chin. I spread it out evenly on my face after. What I like about this BB+ cream is that is has SPF, so my face is protected from the heat of the sun. The second thing I do is applying Maybelline pressed powder. It makes my face look fresh and smooth. Just like the BB+ cream, it also has SPF. Yay for some double protection! 😉

I don’t usually do re-touch so when my face starts to look oily, I use Gatsby powdered oil control paper. I discovered this when I was in college through my male friend! I have been using this ever since.


The next thing I apply after the powder is blush on. I use Maybelline’s Color Show Blush, Peachie Sweetie, because it goes well with my skin color. By the way, please allow me to gush over this blush brush which I bought from Watsons! I was really amazed when the sales associate showed it to me. After using the brush, you just pull the silver thing up to keep the brush in place, then you cover it with its cap so it will stay in good condition. Wala lang. I find it totally cool.


Now, let’s move onto the eye area. For the eye shadow, I use Clinique. The pink one works best for me. 🙂 By the way, I did not buy this. This is a pasalubong from my Aunt when she arrived from San Francisco.


Ah, eyebrows! I use L’Oreal. Bee loved this! When she used this on our moving up day, she asked me where I bought it. What I like about this is it’s two-in-one. It has the eyebrow pencil on one side and eyebrow powder on the other side. Applying this on my eyebrows is still a challenging task for me. Sometimes, I end up looking mataray because of the heavy strokes I make. Bee reminded me to make the strokes lighter. I keep in mind the things that the girls from eyebrow tutorial say as well. For the eye liner, I use Maybelline Hyper Sharp (liquid) Liner. If I’m not mistaken, this was the one Bee used when I asked her if she could put some eyeliner on me. I need more practice on it too. When it comes to mascara, I use Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express waterproof mascara.


My lips are sensitive to the weather so I really invest on the lip products that I use. There was a time when my lips got really chappy so I used some petroleum jelly for a time to keep it soft and moisturized. It has become a staple in my bag as well. Petroleum jelly has many uses so it may come in handy in case of emergency. And unlike my friends who are fond of lipstick, I am more of a lip balm person. Here are my favorite shades: Revlon Colorburst Honey Douce (light pink and it tastes like peppermint), Clinique Chubby Stick Super Strawberry (the color is in between pink and red), and Nivea Fruity Shine Watermelon (light pink).

There you go! As you may have noticed, the products I use are mostly Maybelline and Clinique because they are friendly to my skin. I also tried other products before (especially the lip products) but I ended up having some allergies, so I decided to stick to the ones my skin loves best. 🙂


And oh, before anything else, I’d like to remind you that with or without make-up, you look lovely. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A girl thing.

  1. Yey for makeup! I like Maybelline’s eye makeup products. But I still can’t do my eyebrows. Haha! Ang cute naman ng post mo. Very kikay. 💁🏻


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