Where it all began.

My love for writing started when I was in sixth grade, during a short break from our class. While most of my classmates were in groups talking about random things, I stayed in my desk and started writing on my paper. My paper seemed like a diary because I wrote about what I see and feel at that moment. Writing made me feel good; it made me feel like I was in a parallel universe having the time of my life with only my paper and pen in hand. Since then, I have always looked forward to short breaks so I could write. It turned out to be a habit. And then it hit me: this exercise became an avenue for me to express myself and be creative. Months before graduation, I joined a mini short story writing contest in school. I wrote about an old house as I was fascinated with old houses and history at that time. When our school paper arrived, I was surprised to see my story published. I took a chance on the essay writing contest again when I was a high school sophomore. Luckily, my piece was chosen and it was published in the school paper as well. That’s when I decided to continue what I have started no matter what.

That is where it all began.

And this is why I am here.


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