Lines and Curves.

The sun was up on the horizon as I wake up from my deep slumber. Memories of yesterday continued to play like a broken vinyl record in my mind, but I have no regrets. Lying on the floor, captured moments have been immortalized in films from your polaroid camera. I stood up and there you were, by the window, drinking coffee. You seemed so lost in your own thoughts while you sip the very last drop of the bittersweet goodness from your cup.

“How are you feeling? Did you get a good night’s sleep?”, you asked.

“I did. I feel wonderful”, I said.

You turned on the music player and played my favorite song from my iPod. You walked towards me and bowed.

“May I have this dance?”


At 8:00 in the morning, we were slow dancing. Your arms around my waist, my head on your chest. The scent of your skin awakened my soul. I have never felt safe in my whole life.

But some good things come to an end.

The sun had set in the horizon. Outside, strips of orange and pink slowly dominated the blue sky. The sky reminded me of you and the day our paths had crossed. I was standing  exactly at the corner of the street where you first met me. The place was busy and crowded, but it felt quiet and empty. The universe had its reason why it brought me here. I closed my eyes for a while and took a deep breath. I left as soon as the lights from the cafe’s and shops were turned on.

One day, we will meet again. Maybe not in this corner. Maybe in some other place. Maybe not when the sun sets. Maybe at a different time. Maybe…

The world is much smaller than we think.

/Photo taken on the 6th of May, 2017/

/Location: Asian Hospital and Medical Center/


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