The happiest place on earth.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Two years ago, I finally ticked one box off my bucket list when I had an adventure of a lifetime at Hong Kong Disneyland. Walking around and having fun at the happiest place on earth seemed surreal for me. I had to pinch my arm to remind myself that it’s for real.

My aunt introduced me to the world of Disney since I was much, much, much younger. Most of my toys and books were all Disney. I remember, whenever she goes to USA, she would buy some Disney books equipped with audio cassette tapes for me. I would listen to the tapes before my afternoon nap time. When I was around seven, a childhood friend’s mother showed me a VHS of Disneyland. Since that day, I would dream of going to the places in the video, riding the rides, and taking snapshots of the wonderful things in there. When I finally set foot on Disneyland, I couldn’t help but look at everything in awe.


The journey starts with this train! Look at those windows and hand rails. Aren’t they cute?


Once you go inside this tunnel, “you leave today and enter the word of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy”.


Headed straight to the Main Street USA to see the Flights of the Fantasy Parade. The clouds seemed heavy and dark and it started drizzling so I prayed hard. It would be heart-breaking for the kids (and the kids-at-heart) if it rained. Thank God, it did not rain. The parade still happened and the well-known and well-loved Disney characters were all there.


Some kids from the audience even joined Winnie the Pooh and Friends in dancing. How cute!


My heart was almost full when the Disney Princesses’ float had arrived. I secretly wanted to be a Disney Princess when I was my students’ (in preschool) age. Okay, even until now, I still wanted to dress up as a Disney Princess. 


Look at this waffle! It took me a while before finally eating it.


I got to fulfill my childhood dream of riding the rides. Enjoyed the thrilling ride of Space Mountain, had a lot of spinning at Orbitron, took an interactive ride at the Mystic Manor, and had a nostalgic boat ride inside the Small World castle. I did not dare to try the Grizzly Mountain ride and RC Racer though. Maybe, when I come back next time.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear were the only Disney characters who were there for a photo op. Since the lines were soooo long, I found this Buzz Lightyear statue and had a picture with him instead. Some people saw what I did so they did the same thing. 😉

IMG_9054IMG_9053Processed with VSCO with m3 presetIMG_9147

Felt so small at Toy Story Land. It looks like a scene straight out of Toy Story, minus Andy.  Every corner of Toy Story Land is “Instagram Worthy”. In general, it was an amazing place.


Main Street USA at night
With Margaret

Ended the day with Disney Paint the night parade and a spectacular fireworks show which basically sums up one’s childhood. I was a bit emotional and got goosebumps while watching the fireworks because it reminded me of my good old childhood days. I chose not to take a photo of it because I wanted to savor the moment.

The world’s favorite team, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

My heart and the kid in me were beyond happy. Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth.


One thought on “The happiest place on earth.

  1. Hi, Tivamoo! I accidentally deleted your comment. I’m sorry. 😦 I agree with you. The train indeed looks cute with its Mickey windows and hand rails. It is located at Sunnyvale station. There are two trains there— the other one is MTR (the train that will bring you to the other parts of HK) and the Mickey train. You’ll never get lost and you’ll eventually know which train to take if you’re going to Disneyland. 😉


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