In times of solitude.

Sometimes, when we feel like nobody’s there to share our hearts out with, we turn to music. The moment you plug in those earphones of yours, you tend to drift away from reality and get lost in your own little universe for a bit. And then you start to realize that solitude is all you need from time to time to keep you sane and alive.

This is what I like about music: It helps you express yourself in a more creative way. Music opens the door for you to let the world know who you are, how you feel, and hear what you want to say. It also brings out the best in you.

When I seek for solitude, I listen to Cheats. Cheats is one of the Filipino indie bands that I like because of the refreshing kind of music it creates. The band members maximize their God-given talents, and they really squeeze their creative juices to make songs that truly connect to the listeners. Here’s a little trivia: When I’m driving and I play Cheats’ album, I sing along to the songs like there’s no tomorrow; The songs definitely jump start my mood and unleash my inner rock star personality. Hahaha!

I am proud to say that Saab, Jim, Candy, and the rest of the band continue to make waves not only locally but internationally as well. They represented the country in Singapore’s Laneway Festival last year, and they just wrapped out their US tour with Sandwich (another Filipino band that I like, but they’re more mainstream) this month. This week, Cheats has released their single, Talk. Everyone has said something nice about the latest single, and I couldn’t agree more. The music video, on the other hand, has all the feels and in my honest opinion, it is the most emotional music video of the band to date.

If you haven’t heard of Cheats yet, please do check this band out. If you like indie, they deserve a spot in your playlist. You’re welcome!

I end my post with my Top 5 Cheats songs. Enjoy!


P.S. I mentioned Cheats in my post last April, but it was only a feature on my then new playlist on Spotify.


/Photo taken on 23rd of July, year 2016/

/Location: Samsung Music Hall, SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio Global City/





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