Confessions of a semi-workaholic.

It is past midnight, and my mind is still active and awake. I just finished a powerpoint which will be presented to a class of 24 children this week. I even sent it to my team mates via email, so they could look through it. I’m quite happy that I was able to do this task, without slacking off and feeling sluggish. I think I deserve a pat on the back for being able to accomplish something “in advance”. I hope I stay like this until the end of the school year.

I did some blog hopping, and I chanced upon Mari Jasmin’s post about the five things that help her stay productive. I reflected on it, and I also thought of my own five things.

1. The Power of Coffee

I am not a coffee person, but I do like coffee. It is my go-to drink when I’m about to do something that is indeed important, or pull off an all-nighter. A cup of coffee is enough for me though. With caffeine in my system, I am energized and I can think faster. It keeps me going.

2. Taking Power Naps

Taking a nap in between work has been effective for me. I’ve found out that through power naps, I am able to clear off my mind which is sometimes overloaded with information. I find myself calm and focused afterwards. I am also able to think and sort out ideas properly.

3. Work Space vs. Rest Space

This is somehow similar to Mari Jasmin’s. I have realized that separating work space and rest space is a good idea. I used to work in the comfort of my bedroom, and I always end up unproductive. In relation to this, seeing my bed while working makes me want to sleep or do nothing instead. I started looking for places where I can work peacefully and be away from my bed. Coffee shops are the ideal place to be. But sometimes, if I’m on a tight budget, I stay in our terrace (with the garden as my view) or at school (inside the classroom).

4. Eliminating Distractions

Again, this is similar to Mari Jasmin’s. I have a tendency to be distracted with what’s going on around me (when working, at least). There was a time when I played my favorite bands’ songs while working to keep myself awake, but it did not help me finish my work instantly, as I started to sing along with the songs. If there’s no distraction, you’ll be able to give your full attention to that paperwork and complete it successfully.

5. Be Inspired

If there is something or someone that inspires or motivates you, there will be a high chance that you are going to finish your task in a heart beat, 100% guaranteed! You might even find yourself smiling or in a happy mood while working. 😉


/Photo taken on the 24th of July, 2017/

/Location: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Solenad 2 Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna/


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