I am listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s “Your Heart is an Empty Room” as I type these words. I remember the day I made “The Tuesday Playlist” on Spotify around summer last year after Saab and Jim Bacarro of Cheats did a live duet of their favourite songs on Instagram. They are the ultimate, as the millennials would say, “couple goals”. Three years have passed since they started travelling the road to forever, and I can tell that the love they have for each other grows stronger each day. The way Jim looks at Saab is totally giving me all the feels and kilig. His thoughtfulness and sweetness melt my heart big time. Fast forward to today, Saab and Jim are both happy and excited to welcome their twins soon.

Speaking of kilig and love (whether requited or unrequited), the other day, Jollibee has released three “Kwentong Jollibee” just in time for Valentines.

“Homecoming” is the prequel to last year’s “Crush”. 😉

Just like last year, the three “Kwentong Jollibee” has become so viral. The Jollibee team really knows how to connect and tug the heartstrings of people because the stories are based on real life events. For instance, “Status” is the story of my high school classmate, Cathy. She wrote about her full story that inspired “Status” in her blog.


On Finding True Love

True love comes in all forms. It does not only come from suitors who are consistent in giving flowers and making promises. True love can be found within your inner circle— from your family, friends, and in all the people around us. The kind of true love that we get from them is irreplaceable and unconditional. The little things they do for us, like preparing the breakfast, offering a ride home, or giving you a tight hug just because, we should not take for granted. Hindi na natin kailangang hanapin ang “true love” dahil matagal na itong nasa tabi natin.

On Searching for “The One”

On another note, if “The One” has not arrived yet, it’s okay! God is in-charge when it comes to this matter. Remember, He is the one writing our own story. “The One” will come in His perfect time.

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