Meet you at Limasawa Street.

Limasawa Street in Makati will never be the same again, thanks to Ben&Ben. Ben&Ben is a local band composed of Paolo Benjamin and Miguel Benjamin Guico (twins) on vocals, Poch Barretto on electric guitars, Jam Villanueva on drums, Agnes Reoma on bass, Patricia Lasaten on keyboards, Toni Munoz on percussion and backing vocals, and Keifer Cabugao on violin. The band has been making waves in the Filipino music industry with songs that touch the hearts and lives of many. There’s something about the songs that can make you smile, fall in love, feel kilig, cry, and even remember your childhood days. Each song really goes deep within your soul as you listen. The heartwarming words combined with music build a connection with the listeners that is truly tagos sa puso.


I think, the reason why Ben&Ben stands out among its contemporaries is what the band incorporates in the music it makes. Ben&Ben is a game changer in the OPM scene because the band includes Filipino folk in their songs. One can easily distinguish a Ben&Ben song because of this. Through Ben&Ben, the younger generations will be more familiar with Filipino folk music and hopefully at some point, appreciate it too.

What’s inside the box: built in night lamp, post cards with their song titles, a lyric booklet, and a classy flash drive

I’m one happy kiddo today because I finally got my hands on the album! The package arrived this morning, and I could not help but feel kilig while unboxing it. I can tell that all people involved in making this album happen definitely pour their heart and soul in it. The concept is brilliant!

I’ll share with you three of the songs included in the album: Patingin, Araw-Araw, and Mitsa.

“Iibig lang kapat handa na, hindi nalang kung trip trip lang naman…”

“Mahiwaga, pipiliin ka sa araw-araw…”

“Ang galit ay lumipas na, inanod ng mga luha, damdamin ay lumaya…”

Don’t get me wrong. The album has songs written in English too, and they are as beautiful as the ones in Filipino.

I listened to all the songs in the album, and each member gets a chance to shine. With the members’ talent, passion, dedication, and creativity, I’m pretty sure they will go a long, long way. I will not be surprised if Ben&Ben makes it in the international charts one day.


Ben&Ben is currently doing an album tour in selected Ayala Malls nationwide. I wish I could make time for them when they visit Alabang Town Center or Solenad in Nuvali this coming July. For more information and updates about them, please do visit their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 


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