It reminds me of summer afternoons. I sit on the wooden edge of the bench overlooking the vast blue sea. The coconut leaves bow down its leaves as they sway gently with the cool summer breeze. The sound of the waves calm my senses as I watch the flock of sea birds fly by. With... Continue Reading →



I am listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s “Your Heart is an Empty Room” as I type these words. I remember the day I made “The Tuesday Playlist” on Spotify around summer last year after Saab and Jim Bacarro of Cheats did a live duet of their favourite songs on Instagram. They are the ultimate,... Continue Reading →

That time of the year.

For the past four or five years, I have been doing this personal tradition which is to DIY my own Christmas wrappers, tags, and cards. Instead of buying new wrappers, I rummage through my supplies at home that I could turn into tags, and cards. It does not only make me save money; it also... Continue Reading →

The little wins.

It's past midnight, and the caffeine just have started to kick in. I still have tasks to tick off my to-do list, but I guess my brain refuses to work on them right now. Afterall, it is weekend and I think that this short break is well-deserved. Sometimes, it is okay to pause for a... Continue Reading →

The best birthday gift.

On the day after my birthday, I went to San Pablo City in Laguna to help my friend, Inah, in her advocacy. I remember telling her months ago that I have always wanted to join an outreach program outside school, but there's no opportunity. So when she messaged me a week before the event, I... Continue Reading →

All things quirky but nice.

What comes to my mind when I hear the words, "the common room"? These words remind me of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In all the seven books, "the common room" has been mentioned a lot of times. This is like a lounge where all the students who belong to the same house meet,... Continue Reading →

Chasing dreams.

On the first day of September, my childhood friends and I went to this magical place called "Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe". It was a spontaneous trip, and I was feeling a bit nervous on our way because going up to Tagaytay at past 8pm for me was risky. Since I wanted to see the... Continue Reading →

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