The Last Good-bye.

I sat in this corner of the coffee shop, observing the people that come and go. With a notebook and a pen in hand, I started to write down the words that came across my chaotic mind. The smell of caffeine was soothing. It pumped up my mood for writing. The music started to slow... Continue Reading →

The waves.

I have always wanted to visit the beach, and whenever I get the chance, I grab it. One Saturday morning, I woke up early and took a long drive to the most pristine beach in our town. I packed some clothes and things and food just in case I wanted to stay there¬†the whole day.... Continue Reading →

Lines and Curves.

The sun was up on the horizon as I wake up from my deep slumber. Memories of yesterday¬†continued to play like a broken vinyl record in my mind, but I have no regrets. Lying on the floor, captured moments have been immortalized in films from your polaroid camera. I stood up and there you were,... Continue Reading →

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