A new story unfolds.

On a rainy Monday morning, there's no other person I would like to see but you. My days have been filled with gloom, and you are the only one who can bring the sunshine and rainbows back, through your sincere smile and heartfelt "hello". The storm within me calms down, and I am at peace... Continue Reading →


The Untitled Haiku.

Days and nights pass by I dream of a miracle Hope runs through my veins   In my darkest hours I embark on a journey To trace glimpse of light   Never looking back Leaving yesterday's shadow To embrace what is destined   The road less taken Opening its doors for me Leading me to... Continue Reading →

In times of solitude.

Sometimes, when we feel like nobody's there to share our hearts out with, we turn to music. The moment you plug in those earphones of yours, you tend to drift away from reality and get lost in your own little universe for a bit. And then you start to realize that solitude is all you... Continue Reading →

The Last Good-bye.

I sat in this corner of the coffee shop, observing the people that come and go. With a notebook and a pen in hand, I started to write down the words that came across my chaotic mind. The smell of caffeine was soothing. It pumped up my mood for writing. The music started to slow... Continue Reading →

Highway Thoughts.

Your life now revolves in a completely different world. The unknown path that you have chosen has opened new doors for you to explore. You have surpassed the trials along the way of the unknown path. In the road less traveled, there will also be new and exciting adventures that lie ahead of you. If... Continue Reading →

A run like no other.

Weekends are sacred for me, and I make sure that I spend most of Saturdays and Sundays on my bed, either catching up on sleep or watching series. However, on the 25th day of June 2017, I woke up at 2:30am, ate Greek yogurt with bits of granola bar, took a shower, brushed my teeth,... Continue Reading →

Backstage life.

I started to embrace and appreciate original Pinoy music (a.k.a. OPM) when I entered high school. I was not a fan of OPM until I got fully exposed to it through my classmates and the default radio station of our school service.┬áDuring those years, OPM was at its peak. Filipino bands competed against foreign artists... Continue Reading →

Pilipinas kong mahal.

Ang araw na ito ay makahulugan sa bansang Pilipinas. Ipinagdiriwang ng bawat Pilipino ang Araw ng Kasarinlan (Philippine Independence Day). Isang daan at labingsiyam na taon na ang lumipas simula nang unang iniwagayway ni Emilio Aguinaldo ang pambansang watawat sa Kawit, Cavite. Kung hindi dahil sa mga sakripisyo at ipinaglalaban ng ating mga bayani, hindi... Continue Reading →

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