The summer sky.

I'd like to believe that the Philippines is one of the countries in the world where you can witness lovely sunsets, wherever you are.   /Photo taken on the 2nd day of May, 2017/ /Location: Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna/

Where it all began.

My love for writing started when I was in sixth grade, during a short break from our class. While most of my classmates were in groups talking about random things, I stayed in my desk and started writing on my paper. My paper seemed like a diary because I wrote about what I see and... Continue Reading →

On a Tuesday Night.

Here I stand, looking up at the vastness of starless night sky,  I search for answers to my never ending questions. In this moment of solitude, you come across my mind. I wish you were here to hold my hand, to tell me that it will be okay.   /Photo taken on the 14th of... Continue Reading →

The next big thing.

Welcome to the world of Filipino indie music scene! I'm sharing with you the playlist I made on Spotify featuring the music of some indie bands such as Cheats, Ang Bandang Shirley, Jensen & The Flips as well as individual artists like Kiana Valenciano and Clara Benin. It is perfect for road trips or when... Continue Reading →

Adventure is out there.

Whenever I hear the name "La Union"... the beach, the waves, the surf boards, and the Luke Landrigan come to mind. This magical place in the Ilocos region has gained prominence due to its exquisite waves and one-of-a-kind beach life experience. People from all over the world make sure that they visit La Union whenever... Continue Reading →

A girl thing.

My friends do know that I am not a "make-up" person. I go to school, church, or mall wearing only powder and a little bit of blush on my face and some lip balm. However, when there are special events such as weddings, grand birthday celebrations, important meetings, and moving up day, I do my... Continue Reading →


Walang araw na ikaw ay hindi sumagi sa aking isipan. Inaasam ang pagdating ng panahong makita kang muli. Malayo man ang ating pagitan, hindi ito isang hadlang. Sa aking alaala, ika'y mananatili. Nais kong malaman mo na ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo ay magpakailanman.   Location: Nuvali (sunset) /Written on the 9th day of April,... Continue Reading →


I love to eat! That is one fact about myself. I remember Auntie Sari telling me that when it comes to food, indulge. Well, not to the point of eating like the kid from Matilda. What she meant was, you've got to treat yourself with good food once in a while because you deserve it.... Continue Reading →


I see, you have taken the road less traveled. You were brave enough to choose an unknown path. Yes, it may be scary at some point but it is also exciting, because a whole new world is out there, waiting for you. With faith, hope, and great courage, I believe you will succeed. Hello to... Continue Reading →

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